Meet our founders

Helen Brady - creator of Hotel Charlie Bravo.

Helen is the creative mastermind and organizer of the directors' meetings and is the sole owner of the membership for MakerSpace North. She is also lead creator and designer of our workshops.

Helen is a Welsh woman on a mission to try every craft or making idea there is. Having arrived in Ottawa in 2016, she has worked hard to learn new skills, and to embrace the ideas of polycrafting. From leatherwork to sewing to resin craft to woodwork, the output never lessens.

Operating under the name Hotel Charlie Bravo, the core of her ethic is recycle and reuse.

She embraces new manufacture techniques, like laser cutting and 3D printing, with gusto.

Sadly, her fish, Gunther, died in 2018.

Meg Hood - creator of MegzArtRoom

Meg is heading the business and finance portion of Square Lemon with the support of all directors. She is the owner of the domain name - - and the lead director in the business filings for registering the name and bookkeeping.

From stage to fashion design to the art studio, Meg has long had a passion for the arts. Her work with paints takes on many forms, from canvases to glassware; if she can paint on it she will.

She wants to see more artists realize their worth and help elevate them anyway she can.

Her goal is to put more art in the world.

Melanie Canavan-Parent - creator of Delicious Nail Designs

Melanie is the curator of Square Lemon’s social media endeavors. She will be creating and organizing advertising and web content.

Melanie loves all kinds of crafts and DIY projects, but she has a particular zeal for nail art. She started her small business, Delicious Nail Designs, in 2013 and has been working on refining her nail art skills over the years.

Melanie works in health records management and lives with her partner Simon, and her cat, Stella.

Her other hobbies include blogging, baking and gardening.

New Seeds and Slices

Former Lemon Slices

Gone, but not forgotten.

Jenelle Sullivan Delorme - creator of Purple Unicorn Creative

Jenelle organized, researched and implemented many of our start up endeavors. She was also a creator, designer of workshops and feeler of feelings.

Jenelle is a creative optimist, passionate about cats, unicorns, and mental health advocacy.

She works as a recreation support for mental health nonprofit in Ottawa and spends her free time crafting inventory for her small business, Purple Unicorn Creative. Her laser cut products are infused with happiness and humour, designed to bring about a smile. Crafting has helped her overcome many obstacles and she loves sharing her quirky giftware and clever home decor with others.

Robyn Lester - creator of Robyn Lester Art.

Robyn researched and networked for Square Lemon. As a member of Square Lemon, Robyn looked forward to connecting with Ottawa’s creatives and inspiring others to embrace their creativity.

Robyn is an Ottawa artist offering one-of-a-kind hand-painted greeting cards, bookmarks, magnets and other mini artworks. Bold colour and nature are her primary inspirations and recurring themes in her work. Additionally, Robyn paints and sells large-scale abstract landscapes that vibrate with energy and power.

At her core, Robyn is passionate about creativity and is always on the lookout for ways to develop and expand her creative arsenal. Aside from painting, this has included printmaking, writing, film-making and beading.

Find Robyn on Facebook under Robyn Lester Art, or follow her on Instagram and @uncapped.creativity.