Local PRIDE Market

June's markets are embracing the fact that June is Pride Month.

We had a wonderful bunch of vendors, and an equally wonderful bunch of customers! Despite the heat, the vibe of the market was amazing! Thank you all so much for coming.

Our Charity of the Month for May

We are thrilled to be able to sponsor LGBTTQ+ Around the Rainbow, a community-based program which provides a full range of education, counselling and support services offered by Family Services Ottawa.

They are taking donations on their own site - why not send them some love (and money)?

The fabulous vendors at Square Lemon's Local PRIDE Market

(Helen got a little bit creative with the photos, and got everyone to express reactions to unusual scenarios. Sorry.)

We make handmade natural skincare products

Amanda Levina

Art inspired by the human connection to life on and off Earth

I make Origami tessellations that are framed and lit with LED Lights and are art pieces that light up.

Artisan dried soup mixes using local and Canadian ingredients

We design, and make by hand, fully lined bags in a variety of sizes. All bags are of high quality fabrics and include several pockets and zipper closures for security

Pyrography on wood and leather - all by hand.

Glass Act

Amazing stained glass for the past 40 years

herbalEra creates unique Canadian handmade skin care products ensuring the best choice for the body and the planet. Our goal is to connect people with affordable botanical body care products and help them reduce their ecological footprint by using eco-friendly packaging.

Tarot readings in person and offering online and written readings.

Original artwork and illustrations by Sarah Ladhani. Handpainted glasswork and ornaments also available with plenty of customization and gift options

Lucky Little Queer is a bisexual non-binary artist named KJ. They create visual art that is geared towards queer and trans folks with a feminist and sex-positive focus.

Personalized gifts for every occasion, specializing in permanent printed designs

Beautiful art and jewellery

Jewellery, Laser cut accessories, crochet and knit accessories, vinyl stickers, hand-painted t-shirts

I create original artwork, paintings and drawings featuring women and figures. I also sell buttons, prints, magnets and stickers of my work.

Handmade statement jewelry inspired by vintage fashion, art and design.

I make art, accessories, and apparel that reflect my surreal, colourful, queer aesthetic. Some of my items include hand-painted hats, tie-dyed block or screen printed apparel, accessories made from reclaimed materials, and digital and block printed art in various sizes.

Phoenix Bath and Beauty

Phoenix Bath & Beauty makes and sells colourful and fantastic smelling bath bombs, soaps, accessories and candles.

The Bagel Run

We make the best Montreal Style bagels and specialty cream cheeses in Ottawa

Handmade soaps, soap related gift baskets

A collection of vulture culture and modern Norse paganism. Handcrafted magical tools, divination tools, spell candles and fine art. All animal parts are ethically sourced.