May Daze Market

We hosted our first daytime Market, at Makerspace North!

Free goodie bags, a free workshop, a brilliant live band and a 'tuck shop' with refreshments for only $1!

Why not join us for the next one?

Our Charity of the Month for May

We were thrilled to be able to sponsor Youville Centre!

They are taking donations on their own site - why not send them some love (and money)

The fabulous vendors at Square Lemon's May Daze Market

Vegan Handmade Herbal soap and Bath Bombs

Emilie is a formally trained artist specializing in both abstract painting and illustrative artwork for commercial applications with years of experience with custom commissions, commercial artwork, and tailored pieces for public and private venues

Bright and cheerful hand printed stationary and gift items to brighten your day with a focus on letterpress greeting cards.

Barbaroza Beads

One-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings all made by hand using natural materials including semi-precious stones, freshwater and glass pearls, crystal, shell, wood, pewter, silver and gold plate

Brayen's Woodworking

Hand-crafted wood crafts from the Ottawa valley. From cutting boards, shooter trays to wooden decor

Personalized items ranging from t shirts to hand painted wooden signs

Coco Loco is my business that creates hot cocoa mixes that are healthy, nutritious and great tasting (gf & vegan). I am a 15 year old entrepreneur.
Affordable hand painted press on nails and cute jewelry

Debbie Bourdages

I am a whimsical tole painter. I paint on wood, glass stone. Some of my selections include wine glasses, wreaths and plaques, just to name a couple of items.

Kat Clarida, Artisan, hand-mills small batch all-natural beeswax and honey based soaps, massage oils and men's personal care products such as beard balm and shaving lather in kitchens located in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

We sell Bath Goods that look and smell like our favourite treats! We have products that appeal to all ages and both Shower and Bath people

Handmade natural soaps and candles

One of a kind fabric bags featuring recycled and found materials, and small fabric items such as microwave oven mitts and colourful napkins.

Functional and fun items made of leather, upcycled woods or both.

Beautiful art and jewellery

Mission Road Pottery

Handmade, functional, stoneware pottery pieces for your home

Jewellery, Laser cut accessories, crochet and knit accessories, vinyl stickers, hand-painted t-shirts

Fine Arts and Handmade sketchbooks and cards

Nifty Creationz

Hand crafted accessories

Petit D├ęsir Fou is a little studio creating an array of handmade jewellery with a minimal classy vibe, loving bohemian flare offering a modern take in her designs.

Produits ChaDoBelle

Naturals cosmetics (shampoo bars odorless, clay soaps, reusable bags (Ziplocs)

Handmade bracelets

Creating unique pieces of Art by combining paint, collage and other mixed media element with bright colorful twist

Original art and jewellery

handmade natural soaps, bath salts, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, gift baskets and shower steamers

Wood and Water

Hand-made jewelry from copper, silver and brass, using crystals, beads and semi precious stones in some pieces. And abstract paintings on canvas.

Our Market Workshop

We made badges and buttons. For free!

And here we see the mechanical process of making those badges, complete with all of the effort, drama and elation!