Charity Board Auction March 2022

 Square Lemon’s first market after the shut downs was a great success. Our charity of the month, Cornerstone Women’s Shelter, will be receiving a base donation from Square Lemon with the profits from the silent auction added to it.  

Let's BEE Friends by Hardi Vora
Artist: Hardi Vora
Name of piece: Let’s BEE Friends
Blue Geode by Alicia

Artist: Alicia Manfredi
Name of piece: Blue Geode

Butterfly Garden by Jenny Moore
Artist: Jenny Moore
Name of piece: Butterfly Garden
Crystaline by JR
Artist: JR Erskine
Name of piece: Crystaline
Enchanted Forest by Nahal Nikou
Artist: Asilus Art 
Name of piece: Enchanted Forest
Dragonfly Visit by Pat Durant
Artist: Pat Durant
Name of piece: Dragonfly Visit
Make a Splash! by Sandra Naufal
Artist: Sandra Naufal
Name of piece: Make a Splash!
Depths and Dreams by Monica Pereira
Artist: Monica Pereira
Name of piece: Depths and Dreams 


We would like to thank all the artists who created pieces:

  • Monica of Moonstone Alternative,
  • Nahal of Asilus Art,
  • Jenny of Craft Studio Creation,
  • Pat of CLUTCH by Pat Durant,
  • Alicia of Indy Pendants and Resin Design,
  • Hardi of Art’oholic,
  • Josee of JR’s Print Shop,
  • Sandra of Artwork by Sandra Naufal

We would also like to extend a big thank you to all the people who made bids and of course the winners:

  • Christine
  • Emilie S,
  • Laura P,
  • Jackie M,
  • Susan L,
  • Sandy H,
  • Amber B (x2 for winning two pieces!)

Square Lemon will be hosting a worthy local charity every month at our markets as we have always done in the past. This year we hope to be able to have a silent auction featuring local artists' works at each market to boost the base donation.

Make sure to come out to all our markets to shop local and give local!