Co-Crafting Space

Amazing offer! Come and look around the co-crafting space free for an hour! Click here to register for your free session.

Co-Crafting Opening Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 12pm-4pm

What is a co-crafting space?

The idea is to provide a clean, safe, communal space with access to equipment and facilities to allow crafting/art/making to take place. Somewhere you can be your best creative you!

You can become a member, with access to the co-crafting space at times which suit you.

Cost: $40+HST for 8 hours per month.

Once you have had your free taster session, or if you are ready to jump straight in, email

What is my commitment?
Membership is on a month-to-month basis. The only commitment you have is for the month that you have paid for, so you can take a break if you need to.

Every month, you will be invoiced for the membership fee of $40+HST, and this is payable by e-transfer.

What facilities are available?

What Tools are available?

Are there any rules?

I'm glad you ask. There are a couple:

  • Don't use anything that obviously belongs to another member.
  • You can bring a friend along to see the place, but everything is really meant for members, so they can come and craft for an hour, but if they come regularly, we would like them to become a member or buy a day pass.
  • Leave the area you use the way you found it.
  • Check with a Lemon that the thing you are using in the tool or machine is suitable to be used in that tool or machine.
  • Don't hog machines - let's share.
  • Be nice.

Email to keep informed