Big News

New Location: Unit 14, 2350 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa, K1G 3W3

A New Location

Square Lemon has a new home as of August 4th! We are the first tenants for Crestnorth, and will be open to the public by mid-August!

Our new address is:
Unit 14, 2350 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa K1G 3W3

Since the lockdown began, we here at Square Lemon have been doing a lot of work to get all of your favourite local vendors products onto our online store. As many of you may know, we have been without physical premises since March 1st 2021, when we assigned our lease to the Ottawa Tool Library.

This means we have a vendor showroom again, customers are able to browse and buy, or buy online and pick up their orders in store from August 11th.

Additionally, in mid-August we will be opening to public workshops again, and adding an amazing co-crafting space for creatives to come and indulge in their creativity, outside of the four walls of their home!

Co-Crafting with the Lemons!

The idea for a co-crafting space has been bouncing around in our heads since before the pandemic. In fact, it was something we were working on back in February 2020!

What is a co-crafting space?
The idea is to provide a clean, safe, communal space with access to equipment and facilities to allow crafting/art/making to take place. After almost 18 months of being stuck at home, this space allows you to stretch your creative legs, and be somewhere else! Somewhere where you aren't worried about the pets/laundry/making dinner. Somewhere you can be your best creative you!

You can become a member, with access to the co-crafting space at times which suit you. (Membership fee will be announced mid-August)

What facilities are available?

  • Free parking.
  • Bathrooms, obviously.
  • A small kitchen.
  • Free coffee and tea. Snacks and sodas available for purchase.
  • Internet access.
  • Easy, secure access.
  • Secure storage for small items.
  • Drying area.
  • General crafting machines included in the membership fee
    (Examples below, full list to be announced)
    • sewing machines
    • Silhouette Cameo
    • Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine
    • heat press
  • Premium machines available for a small fee
  • (Examples below, full list to be announced)
    • Glowforge laser cutter
    • Brother LB6810 embroidery machine
    • Brother Lock 1034D serger
    • DSLR camera
  • Photo studio available for use:
    • included free with membership using your own equipment
    • a small fee to use the DSLR, lightbox, etc.
  • Machines will be on a booking system to ensure everyone gets a fair amount of access and time with any particular machine.

What is my commitment?
We do not want to tie you up forever. Membership will be on a weekly and monthly basis, with a price break for monthly membership. The only commitment you have is for the week or month that you have paid for, so you can take a break if you need to.

You will need to take your stuff away with you if you are having that break. Otherwise the space will end up full of unclaimed items! (Very similar to my craft room at home!)

Are there any rules?
I'm glad you ask. There are a couple:

  • Don't use anything that obviously belongs to another member.
  • Leave the area you use the way you found it.
  • Don't hog machines - let's share.
  • Be nice.

Email to keep informed