welcome the new decade with arts and crafts!

January has been a busy month for us Lemons!

We have taken the month to work on and improve the premises at Boyd Avenue!

We have been rearranging the spaces we have, bringing in new storage and furnishings, and updating the existing fittings we have.

As well as revamping the space, we have been busy revamping some of our offerings to the art/craft/maker community:

  • We now have a Glowforge laser cutter, which is available for hourly rental during our business hours.
  • We are offering Co-Crafting space so that crafters can come into Boyd Ave, use many of the tools and machines we have available, and work with other crafters in a communal setting.
  • We have just added a lot of upcoming workshops at earlier times on EventBrite.
  • And we have planned a market every two weeks on a Saturday between 10:30 and 3pm, starting from February 1st!


We will not be having any markets in January. The weather is cruel this time of year, and everyone's wallet is already super stretched following the Christmas period. However, we will be hosting some amazing workshops; check out the upcoming workshops at


We will be holding two February markets at Square Lemon HQ (877 Boyd Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2A 2E2 )

  • February 1: Defrost Your Heart 10:30-3:00
  • February 15: Winter Wonderland 10:30-3:00



We are a non-profit artistic marketplace based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Our aim is to celebrate and promote Ottawa's artistic talent by hosting regular craft markets and workshops.

We are based in Ottawa, at 877 Boyd Avenue.

If you are a local crafter or craft enthusiast, follow us to stay up to date on upcoming events!

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