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From Square Lemon’s very first market, we have supported a different charity every month. The markets would have a free table dedicated to the charity’s cause and a cash donation was made at the end of the month in addition to any money that was raised during the markets.

When the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt and we couldn't hold markets, we found ourselves unable to afford to donate every month anymore. It’s been more than 20 months since then, and we still don’t find ourselves in the position to run markets. However now we are in our new location, we have come up with a wonderful idea and would love to get the help of local artists involved.

Here’s the idea: Square Lemon provides an artist with a wooden art board, which will be turned into a fabulous piece of art in any way the artist wants - felt, 3D laser-cut scenes, resin pours, vinyl, paint, anything at all. They have about a month to complete them. The artist then donates the completed art piece to Square Lemon where it will be on display for approximately 2 months in our ground-floor workshop room. This is a location where visitors to the gift shop and workshops will be able to admire the art, and experience the work done by our talented local artists. 

Lemon Aid Creative Auction

At the end of the display period, Square Lemon will hold an auction and donate 100% of the profits to a local charity in need.

We haven’t decided on the charity we want to help this time, so let us know you have a favourite charity in need of a donation.

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