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Market Fun

Our physical markets at Boyd Avenue have been temporarily postponed during the COVID-19 crisis. But our virtual market can still be fun!

Colouring Pages and Bookmarks

Amazing artist, Sandra Naufal, has generously provided a bunch of free pages and bookmarks for you to download and colour in!

Boom 99.7

We always have music on during our markets. And you can listen along to what the Lemons will be listening to all day! Boom 99.7's live stream is now the soundtrack for your virtual market! Local vendors, local music!

Shop Together Apart

You can't come to the market with your friends or family, but why not browse the vendors' amazing products together virtually? Use Facebook Chat, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or even just a phone call to share the experience!

Complete our Crosswords and Win a Discount Code!

Click on the images below to download and complete the crossword puzzles.

The answers to the clues can be found in our Makers' bios! Good luck!
Some of the vendor names are too long, so the answer will be either one word from their business name.

Crossword 1 Crossword 2