Workshop Space Rental

We love workshops, whether we are running them or not. So we are offering our 3 workshop spaces to crafters who are not Lemons.

If you are asking your participants to pay for the workshop, each room costs $25+HST per hour based on the duration of the event.

That invoice is always due the day before the event, however, if you have sold no tickets or have to cancel, we then void the invoice, as long as you let us know by the day before the event.

If the workshop is a free event, with no money changing hands, we will provide the space for free, with a limit on how many times the space can be booked in a month.

Please fill in this form to book your workshop space
(subject to approval and availability)

We have 3 workrooms:
  1. Downstairs 1.
    This is on the ground floor level. It holds 2 6' tables, with as many chairs as you need. With restrictions we recommend 4 participants in this space. When restrictions lift, then more participants will easily fit.
  2. Downstairs 2.
    Also on the ground floor. This holds up to 3 6' tables, and with restrictions can hold 6-8 people.
  3. Upstairs 1.
    This is upstairs, and we only have stairs, without any accessibility features. This room is the largest and will easily hold 8 people with restrictions and more without.
Facilities for workshops:
  • free on-site parking
  • an accessibility ramp which can be set up at the front or side door
  • downstairs washroom with baby changing table
  • upstairs washroom
  • upstairs kitchen, with tea and coffee facilities
  • free Fibe WiFi throughout the building
We recommend artists use EventBrite, which we regularly use for our own workshops. But also selling from your own choice of platform is great too. 
We never sell tickets on behalf of other artists.
We feature the workshop link, with a photo and some brief information on our website, and we also post on all of our social media platforms. We send out a newsletter, often on a monthly basis, though in recent COVID times, these have been less frequent as our ability to offer in-person anything was so restricted.