Youth Volunteers

We are constantly looking for volunteers and now we offer volunteer hours within Ontario’s Community Involvement Program for High School Students. As our activities are supported under the program’s guideline, you can fulfill your education requirement at our organisation throughout the year. 

The mutual benefit of volunteering is unquestionable. Whether the aim is resume building and personal development, learning a new skill or even fostering an existing hobby, everyone at Square Lemon is eager to provide a safe, friendly, professional, and fun environment for all our volunteers. 

During the Summer Vacation, we are offering a Youth Volunteer Program here at Lemon HQ.

Plan for the first day:
Start at 11am, finish at 3pm.
For the first day for each volunteer, we make volunteer stuff:
  • Your volunteer t-shirt using HTV (heat transfer vinyl) cut on the Cameo 4, and then welded to the t-shirt using the heat press. We have a standard design for this, but a choice of colours for the HTV. Over the rest of the days with us, you will definitely get the chance to make a more 'you' t-shirt
  • Your volunteer badge, using the colour printer, graphic punch and the badge press. Again, we currently have a standard design, but plenty of opportunity to make more.
  • Your name stamp, using the Silhouette Mint stamp machine. This is a really simple but fun machine.
The main reason we do this on Day 1 is so that you get to use some of the cool tools, and learn how to make and finish each thing. And you get some averagely cool merch.
Then, before we finish, we recap the day, and plan for the next.

Things to bring along:
  • A packed lunch. We have cans of pop and packets of chips, but nothing with any kind of real nutritional value. And those unhealthy things are free for you to have.
  • A laptop. A Chromebook is not going to be able to run Silhouette Studio or Mint Studio - we know this for a fact, cos we've tried. No panic if you don't have one to bring along - we have a couple of spares.
  • The consent agreement (download it here) signed by your parental unit for us to take some photos of you being creative. Any and all photos will be taken only with your own consent, but we need the form signed too. The only way these would be used would be in social media posts to encourage other teens to come and volunteer.
  • Whatever important stuff you need - if you require an EpiPen, medication or something along those line, please remember to bring it.
Handy to do before the First Day:
If you are bringing your own laptop, please download these two pieces of software before you come on Monday:
If you already have them downloaded and installed, we can spend time creating and making, and not doing tech-support boring stuff.