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Life Booster Tea

14-Day Full Body Detox

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Need a cleanse??

Your body builds up toxins over time which can leave a negative impact on your health, overall quality of life, and most of all leave you feeling outright crappy and unhappy. The longer you ignore this problem, the worse you will feel over time and could lead to a variety of unwanted health issues.

The key to reversing this and living a more healthy and empowered life is to perform a routine full-body cleanse. The 14-Day Full Body Detox is the complete package that can help you do that! You just simply drink one cup of the morning cleanse tea every morning with breakfast and one cup of the evening cleanse tea every second evening after dinner.

Key benefits of performing the 14-Day Full Body Detox:

- Detox your body of harmful toxins
- Help to reduce excess body fat
- Eliminate bloat
- Cleanse your body after overindulging in food and/or alcohol
- Flush out water weight
- Clear your skin
- Give you sustainable energy

Keep your body healthy and start feeling great again with the 14-Day Full Body Detox. Order yours today!


Evening Cleanse - Caffeine Free*

- Ginger
- Licorice
- Tulsi (Holy Basil)
- Dandelion Leaves
- Burdock Root
- Rose Petals
- Elder Flowers
- Safflower Petals

Dosage: Infuse 1 tea bag in near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Drink 1 cup every second evening after dinner for the 14-day duration.

Morning Cleanse - Low Caffeine*

- Green Tea
- Oolong Tea
- Dandelion Leaves
- Rooibos
- Lemon Grass
- Calendula Petals
- Yerba Mate Leaves

Dosage: Infuse 1 heaping teaspoon of loose leaf tea in near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Drink 1 cup every morning with breakfast for the 14-day duration.

*Play a part in saving the planet: You buy a tea – We plant a tree!