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Canada Day Press on Nails
Canada Day Press on Nails

Canada Day Press on Nails

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Canada eh? 🍁 Show your Canadian pride with these pretty Canada Day inspired press on nails! The solid red nails are semi-transparent. They are easy to apply with either nail glue or adhesive tabs (not included).

**Approximate nail sizes (the number of each nail is listed on the underside):

Nail 0: length = 3.00cm, width = 1.90cm
Nail 1: length = 2.90cm, width = 1.80cm
Nail 2: length = 2.80cm, width = 1.65cm
Nail 3: length = 2.70cm, width = 1.50cm
Nail 4: length = 2.60cm, width = 1.40cm
Nail 5: length = 2.50cm, width = 1.30cm
Nail 6: length = 2.40cm, width = 1.20cm
Nail 7: length = 2.30cm, width = 1.10cm
Nail 8: length = 2.20cm, width = 1.00cm
Nail 9: length = 2.10cm, width = 0.90cm

Each set comes with 12 nails in total, including an extra nail 5 and nail 6 because they are the most common.

**Feel free to request custom sizes if these are not suitable for you! :)