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Canada Day Press on Nails
Canada Day Press on Nails
Canada Day Press on Nails

Canada Day Press on Nails

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Canada eh? 🍁 Show your Canadian pride with these pretty Canada Day inspired press on nails! The solid red nails are semi-transparent. They are easy to apply with either nail glue or adhesive tabs (not included). Your purchase includes a gift box, a file and an orange stick. Gift box size may vary.

Please allow for minor imperfections, and color variations due to the lighting. Each nail is individually hand painted. You are purchasing a one-of-a-kind item! 

**Approximate nail sizes (the number of each nail is listed on the underside):

Nail 0: length = 3.00cm, width = 1.90cm
Nail 1: length = 2.90cm, width = 1.80cm
Nail 2: length = 2.80cm, width = 1.65cm
Nail 3: length = 2.70cm, width = 1.50cm
Nail 4: length = 2.60cm, width = 1.40cm
Nail 5: length = 2.50cm, width = 1.30cm
Nail 6: length = 2.40cm, width = 1.20cm
Nail 7: length = 2.30cm, width = 1.10cm
Nail 8: length = 2.20cm, width = 1.00cm
Nail 9: length = 2.10cm, width = 0.90cm

Each set comes with 12 nails in total, including an extra nail 5 and nail 6 because they are the most common.

**Feel free to request custom sizes if these are not suitable for you! :)