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Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask

Clay Face Mask

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Rejuvenating: bentonite clay, pink clay, colloidal oats, powders of: cocoa, rose hips, alfalfa, beet, honey, goat milk, lavender

Sensitive: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, colloidal oats, powders of: camomile, alfalfa, green tea, honey, coconut milk, lavender

Detoxifying: bentonite clay, colloidal oats, kaolin clay, sea clay, powders of: turmeric, green tea, activated charcoal, honey, goat milk

Never use metal objects to manipulate clay! Do not store the leftovers! Always prepare fresh. If you prepared too much, use it on the neck, décolleté, or underarms for detoxifiation.

Every day instant cleanser: put powder in the palm or in a small bowl and add warm water. Gently massage the skin with the resulting paste. Remove by circular massage with lukewarm water or with a damp cotton cloth.

For an exfoliating effect: prepare a paste as described below. The oatmeal will provide a very gentle exfoliating effect but you can also add sugar, coffee grounds or sodium bicarbonate.

As a face mask: Prepare a paste by mixing 1-2 tsp of powder with the liquid of choice – remember to not use metal! Apply a thick layer on clean skin and let sit for about 10 minutes or until it start feeling dry.

The oatmeal will provide a very gentle cleansing. Remove with warm water or a wet cotton cloth. Use afterwards a toner, rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar or simply with colder water to close the pores and tighten the skin.