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Hand Made Diamond Turkish Towel

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Hand Made Diamond Gridal Towel
Diamond is one of our traditional patterned bath & beach towels that are hand made.
Size: 37"x70". (90-180 cm.)

Gridal towels have various pattern and color options. We bring traditional and authentic patterns to modern times. We have a wide variety of color palette with an inspiration from nature.
Diamond towels are made of natural cotton on wooden looms. They are not cut to pieces from ready-made fabrics. This traditional hand made looming process takes much more time than automated fabrication, but it increases the fabric quality and absorptance.
Another traditional and authentic feature of hand made towels are the fringes at the ends to finish the long, continuous threads. We use knotted fringes in most of our models. These fringes are twisted and knotted by hand one by one.
GRIDAL Diamond Towels are known with their long, continuous cotton threads that allow them to be highly absorbent and durable. This is an extra feature that is hard to find on conventional towels. They get even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent after each wash. These highly resistant towels will age better than any fabric you have.
These light and absorbent towels have various areas of usage. To name a few: bath towel, beach towel, shawl, foulard, wrap, picnic blanket, travel companion, camping towel, stroller cover, skirt/dress, yoga mat cover, throw, table cloth, pet blanket…
It is remarkably perfect to use after you take a dive into the ocean, sea or lake. GRIDAL towels are not only soft and elegant, but also functional. Their main area of usage are beaches, pools and baths. It is easy to clear the sand on them with a few shakes so they save you the trouble of carrying a plastic bag before putting them into your bag. You can show your style with these elegant accessories on pools, saunas and boats. They dry up much faster than conventional cotton towels and don’t grow mold. Just lay them out for a few minutes before putting them in your bag.
Their sizes are optimal to cover your body. Lightweight material allows the usage as a fashion accessory. They are great companions when you are going to festivals, sports or trekking. You can find your style in our wide color palette options. While wrapping you in cold winter and chilly autumn months, authentic and stylish hand made fringes will complete your style. Going to a picnic? Don’t forget your GRIDAL towels. Capture the moment with its colorful patterns. They will take minimum space in your bag.
Apart from personal usage, GRIDAL Towels are widely preferred by many businesses who want to create a difference like hotels, beaches, saunas, gyms, beauty centers, coiffeurs, senior houses, public baths and spas… Especially their resistance to regular washing make them a great investment for these establishments. They can do anything a conventional towel can do, and more.
Do you want to decorate your new place or redesign your home? Add some color with one of these fabrics as a table cloth, throw or kitchen towel. They are going to be the star piece of your thanksgiving or Christmas table. Throw one of them on your yoga mat before a challenging exercise: they can take it.
Turkish towels are getting more and more common all around the world. Their quality and durability is an established fact. Thus, they can be a great and original gift idea. Guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Apart from personal usage, you can get one for your friends, family and loved ones.
Our products pass through multiple layers of quality control stages. Besides the controls at workshops, they are being controlled one by one during packaging by hand. Any color defects, stains, knotting errors are being searched for. Even though it rarely happens, defected products are held and recycled. This is the main secret behind our high customer satisfaction.
All GRIDAL towels are made of natural products. The production phase on wooden looms are not only carbon natural but also carbon negative, which means, the whole process of growing cotton and hand labour actually absorbs carbon from atmosphere. Optimum washing temperature is 30°C (86°F). No bleach is needed. Prefer line drying instead of electronic dryers since they may cause shrinkage. Drying in a shaded environment will help it protect its color saturation longer. No ironing is required but prefer low temperatures if you need to.