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Phoebe's Pawlace

Snuffle Ball for Dogs

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Encourage your dog to use their natural sniffing and pawing instincts to search for their food. Your pet's new favourite toy! Great for mental stimulation, as an enrichment activity or to help slow down those fast eaters!

Small ball measures approx. 5" in diameter. Ideal for dogs up to ~30 lbs
Large ball measures approx. 7" in diameter. Great for all dogs
There may be some slight variation from colours shown due to availability of fabrics from one batch to another.

If you are new to snuffle balls, start by making it easy and hiding a few high-value treats in the folds of the fleece. As your dog gets better at finding the treats you can tuck more in and hide them a bit deeper to make it more challenging.

Can be spot-cleaned or hand-washed. Allow to fully dry before using again. Not suitable for heavy chewers.

As with all pet toys, should be used under supervision. Any broken items should be discarded.