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Anatolian Hand Made Bowl 100% Terra Cotta

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Thin, delicate, unglazed, totally hand-made ceramic bowl with ancient pattern. All raw materials (earth mixture and paint) are hand-made. Created by a pottery master (our family friend) by firing the special earth mixture on high temperatures and hand-painting with earth-based paints. It has the artist's signature on the bottom. They are hardly distinguishable from their real ancient counterparts from the Anatolian Hellenistic Era.

Origins: It is made in a town in Turkey that is located close to the ancient Roman/Byzantine city of Tripolis which was located on the borders of Phrygia, Caria and Lydia. Today, the city is called Buldan and it is 20 km away from ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. This technique of manually shaping the earth goes back to the neolithic age in Anatolia. The earth is acquired from the location where the first Anatolian human settlers in that region stayed until the bronze age.

Features: It is completely unglazed. No chemicals are added in the earth material and the paint. The paint is completely made of earth with different colors.

Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm