Marbled Polymer Clay Ring Dish Workshop

Beautiful hand-crafted polymer clay trinket dishes and happy crafters, at Makerspace North!

Happiness is crafting in great company! Why not join us for the next one?

Take some polymer clay, soften it, and then roll out some worms

Twist those worms together and make your marbled clay

Roll it out!

Keep rolling - about a quarter of an inch is perfect!

Choose your cutter - this is important - and then cut your bowl

Concave surfaces work too!

Put your flattened clay marbled worms onto a convex surface and bake for around 30 minutes - or until Helen gets bored

Let everything cool down and then paint those edges with some beautiful acrylic paint

Look what we made!

The photo is slightly out of focus, but these dishes are lush!

Dramatic colours - I just love these!

Elegant, simple and each set of colours is so fab!

Purple/red, everywhere: simple, and gorgeous

Themed and serene

Pink, and white, and beautiful!

These look like real marble. Well done!

Ok, we are making dishes - who made a flower!?!

Drama Llama! Look at those colours!

Someone went off book, but man, this is beautiful

Many dishes! Much beauty!

Our amazing crafters!

Meg Lemon - painting

Looks good enough to eat!

We love you too!

We encourage couple crafting!

Concentration is key

Steph Seed thinking about what she's done!

Robyn Lemon - smiling

You could be this happy!

Mel Lemon - goodness!

Well done Dolo!

Contemplation of the dishes!