Wall-Hanging Terrarium Workshop

Gorgeous upcycled wall-hanging terrariums and happy crafters, at Makerspace North!

Happiness is crafting in great company! Why not join us for the next one?

Crafting as a group of friends is the MOST fun you can have with your clothes on!

There is no joy to compare with making something amazing ...

... no joy at all

Mel's moved off glue guns and is now just licking the hardware

Pouring crushed gravel into the terrarium is a delicate operation!

A terrarium, or just a frame for a beautiful face?

Preparation is where it's at!

No one said crafting was easy - put some elbow into it!

Could Caroline look more delighted to be holding a cordless drill?

Peek-a-boo, Tiffany, we see you!

Stain seemed to be a theme of the evening

So much greenery, so little time!

Easy does it with the nails

Precision screwing helps make this craft look expertly made

So red! So lush!

Cassandra made an awesomely pretty terrarium

Simple, etched acrylic and lots of greenery!

A sideways take

Beaming and bright, just like her terrarium

It's all going so well

I think you should always craft with eyes half-shut!

Delicious painting, Mel

Stain, paint, make, craft, come together as a group and have fun

Gorgeous double terrarium!