Painting Press on Nails: Tools of the Trade

The right tools definitely make the difference! I’ve been painting press on nails for almost a decade now (gasp!), and for years I used clear tape and cardboard as a working surface. When using this method, there are often little nail polish “wings” that need to be filled off the sides of the press on nails when they are complete. This filling process can be VERY time consuming. It can sometimes take up to an hour, since it must be done gently so as to not damage the nails. I've seen captivating videos on social media of other nail artists using nail pedestals while painting press on nails. Despite their appeal, I never bothered to purchase any nail pedestals myself. I simply settled in mediocrity., and continued using the cardboard method. My little cardboards had served me well over the years, and I couldn’t just toss them aside, could I? I’d reused some of them so many times that they looked like multicolored abstract art. 

Everything changed when my partner treated me to some fancy nail pedestals for Christmas. He’s always been very supportive of my hobbies, and he has often seen me struggle with filing. The nail pedestals are fun to use, and much more aesthetically pleasing than cardboard. The kit my partner gave me came with a large amount of white tack. A small amount of tack needs to be affixed to the pedestal. Next, the nail must be firmly pressed down on to it. The pedestal has a magnet on the bottom to hold on to the clear stand while the nail polish dries. The tack holds super well for the entire duration of painting, and comes off easily when the nails are dry. To remove any tack residue, simply roll a little ball of tack to pick up the bits left behind. And there is no need for filing!  

The nail pedestals have been a huge game changer! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using cardboard again! Sorry, old cardboard friend… I’ll always remember the good times we had. 

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