Square Lemon is proud to sponsors Operation Smile Canada for the month of March

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What is Lemon Aid?

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Square Lemon Aid is our deliciously simple way of giving back.

What’s it all about? For one month, we shine the spotlight on you! 

When your charity partners with Square Lemon, we’ll feature your organization weekly on our social media feeds and in our monthly newsletter. You’ll also receive a financial donation from Square Lemon and a complimentary table* at one of our markets, giving you an opportunity to promote and raise funds for your cause.

If you’d like to take part, or have any questions, contact us at lemonaid@squarelemon.ca.

*Complimentary table is provided for the month of which your organization is partnering with us. If interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you must confirm your attendance to one of the two markets with a Square Lemon representative.

Previous featured Charities

You can still donate to these charities - check out their web sites or donation buttons!

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute  has flourished into one of Canada’s most distinguished heart health centres for the unparalleled care it provides to its patients, a world-renowned research Institute that brings science from bench to bedside, and the country’s main influencer when it comes to preventing heart disease. Its promise remains the very pillar on which it was built: Always putting patients first.

Youville Centre Donate here

Youville Centre is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, educate and nurture young mothers and their children to help them channel their strengths and achieve their goals.

It’s the perfect time to donate to this vital cause! Each year, Youville Centre organizes a month-long Mothers' Day Matching Campaign. Donate in honour of your mother or another special woman in your life. Youville Centre’s current line-up of sponsors will match your donations up to $4,000.

If you’d like to sponsor Youville Centre’s Mother’s Day Matching Campaign, please reach out to Alison Holmes at development@youvillecentre.org or 613-231-5150, ext. 128.

around the rainbow

Lemon Aid's featured charity for June is LGBTTQ+ Around the Rainbow. And we are delighted to sponsor such an inclusive and forward-thinking program.

LGBTTQ+ Around the Rainbow

From their website (link above):

"LGBTTQ+ Around the Rainbow is a community-based program  which provides a full range of education, counselling and support services offered by Family Services Ottawa.  We support the  lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two spirit, queer and questioning (LGBTTQ+) communities and allies. "

As part of the Family Services Ottawa, the program is a valuable resource for the community. You can donate at the Family Services Ottawa website, and help build a better community.

More information is available from the LGBTTQ+ Around the Rainbow Facebook Page, the website and on Twitter

Period PacksPeriod Packs

Period Packs aims to provide vital, sanitary menstrual products to menstruating people in the Ottawa area who otherwise would not have access to them. The concept behind hosting period packing workshops (and making these packages rather than just donating the products) is an attempt to to bring awareness to a serious problem women in our community experience, educate people about the broader issue of period poverty in Canada, all while breaking down the stigma of having your period! We host workshops where the community can bring donations and create personalized packages that include the things one would need for a menstrual cycle: 8 pads, 6 tampons, mini hand sanitizer, hypo allergenic body safe wipes, a little treat (chocolate), and a kind note from the person who hand stuffed and decorated the package. These packages are then distributed to Cornerstone Housing for Women and The Minwaashin Lodge

Our long term goal is to adjust Ontario legislation and see these products provided and available in communal spaces within the next 2 years. 

We take cash donations as well as product donations. 

Ottawa Humane Society

You can make a difference in the lives of the animals at The Ottawa Humane Society

The Ottawa Humane Society provides caring and thoughtful services to Ottawa's animal population. From helping to match an animal with their new adoptive family, to organising events to raise awareness and funds for animals, to mobile neuter and spaying services, Ottawa should be proud of this magnificent organisation!

Whether you want to make a one-off donation or enroll in a more long-term commitment, check out their web site to do just that!

The parents of Laura Dill were both diagnosed with glioblastoma tumours in their brains.

The Dill Family Fund RaiserThe prognosis for the both of them is one year. They were both diagnosed only 2 weeks apart this year near the end of August 2019. Their daughter has put her career on hold to take care of her parents. Her household consists of herself, her husband, their three young children and her mother who will be moving in with her. They are now depending on her husband’s salary that isn’t a big amount to sustain that many people. Both her parents are not able to drive due to the risk of seizures. Because of the unbelievable coincidence of the timing of all of this, the Neurosurgeons, the Oncologists and the Pathologists are launching into a completely new realm of research. Because at this time, there are NO known environmental factors which cause Glioblastomas! Now, in light of the events they are facing, all of the specialists' heads have turned. They have gotten EVERYONE'S attention and they are learning now that maybe, just maybe, there is something they don’t know! Nobody should have to live through this. Our own environment should not be killing us or affecting our health. We need to keep pushing forward. Keep doing the research. Keep educating the people around us. Keep using your voice without apology! In fact, make it louder! They are doing their best to keep their families and lives moving in the right direction and juggle all of the things that are being thrown at them.

We were truly inspired by Laura’s story and we decided to help by making them our Square Lemon Aid partner for the month of October. Please help us give back to this amazing family and help bring awareness to brain cancer.