About The Lemons

Square Lemon is a not-for-profit corporation based in Ottawa. Founded by a group of strong, creative women, our mission is to foster the creative community in and around the national capital area and celebrate local artistic and crafting talent.

What does that mean?

Simply that we all love crafting, creating, and doing, and we are all passionate and excited to get other people into crafting, creating, and doing. And if we can do it together, in a community environment, with tools, equipment and materials available, even better!

How does Square Lemon operate?

We run as a not-for-profit organization, which gives us freedom to offer fun, community-based facilities without having to worry about the financial bottom line. However, volunteers are the lifeblood of any not-for-profit corporation. Square Lemon is run by volunteers, who are all crafters, artists, and makers. Without their dedication, time, passion, and expertise Square Lemon would not be able to achieve its objectives.