Paired Hearts

Paired Hearts of Ottawa teams up with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute

A few months ago, we saw an article talking about a group of people making crocheted, knitted, or sewn hearts. They are made in pairs and small enough to fit in one hand so that a medical frontline worker could give one heart to a patient and the matching heart to a family member that is unable to be with their sick loved one. It was a symbolic way to keep them connected when they are unable to see each other and it was something for them to hold on to.

Here at Square Lemon we were hoping to bring these paired hearts to the long term care homes and hospitals in Ottawa that were willing to take them to the patients and families. However, these institutions were obviously insanely busy and it was not logistically feasible to proceed this way.

Square Lemon approached the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to find out if there was some way that the 150+ pairs of donated handmade hearts could be of benefit to them. And they said yes!

So, we have printed greetings cards in 2 designs, added great red envelopes, and small cards with a link to this blog post. The University of Ottawa Heart Institute will be collecting these and the donated hearts this week.

We would like to thank the following people for being fantastic and hand-making, and donating, these paired hearts:

Janice Jacquard

Sabrina McLean

Heather of Heather's Yarn Creations

Candice M

Jenny Moore of Craft Studio Creations

Annette Williams of Super Cute Handmade

Meg Hood of Megz Art Room


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