The Paired Hearts of Ottawa initiative is expanding

The Paired Hearts of Ottawa initiative is expanding! This started off as a way to bring a little love to the people in homes where they are unable to see their loved ones due to the restrictions put in place in response to Covid-19. 

As crafters at Square Lemon, we set out making the hearts and asked community crafters to make and donate to the cause as well. They came through, and we were able to donate many hearts to homes in the Ottawa area.

Now we are offering hearts to everybody!

As Square Lemon is a not-for-profit run entirely by volunteers we are finding that we are in need of a little help ourselves and no government programs can help.

We have decided to make the paired hearts available for purchase by anyone. They will be packaged up with a postage paid envelope and a card ready for you to fill with loving words, and an address, to then drop in the mailbox. 

We hope that this will allow you to make a physical connection with your loved ones who are far away, or even not so far away, given the quarantine situation.

These hearts are available on our online store in the Square Lemon craft collection. All the proceeds go to keeping Square Lemon Artistic Association and The Paired Hearts of Ottawa operating.

**The hearts that are donated to us by community members are still going to homes and hospitals that request them for free. Only hearts made by Lemon volunteers are being sold.

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