The Struggles of Social Distance Dating

Long distance relationshipsI’m just going to say it… social distance dating really sucks!! It’s crazy to be in a long distance relationship with someone who lives in the same city as you. With self-isolation comes messed-up sleep schedules, moodiness, sensitivity, and short-tempers. Adding virtual dating to the mix can definitely be challenging. 

Last weekend, I thought it would be fun to have a virtual dinner date with my boyfriend. I decided to go all out and doll myself up, like it if it were a real date. I cooked myself a nice steak with a side of garlic roasted mushrooms, a caesar salad and even a cocktail. I rushed to be ready on time, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when, at the last minute, my boyfriend said he wasn’t up to having this dinner date after all. He was feeling unwell and very sleepy from doing some demolition work earlier in the day. I was upset, but it really wasn’t his fault. After I finished my temper tantrum, we decided to reschedule our virtual dinner date to a virtual brunch date the next morning. 

I ended up having a few cocktails with my dinner, so guess who slept through their virtual brunch date the next morning? Yours truly! Ugh! I was so embarrassed, especially after how unreasonably upset I was with my boyfriend the night before when he cancelled… Luckily he was extremely understanding, and we were able to laugh at ourselves and make a joke about it. We did end up having our virtual brunch, but it was 2 hours later than scheduled, by the time I woke up and prepared a meal! 

Can any of you relate? Or are you on the other side of the boat: living with your significant other and wishing for a break from them? Hang in there everyone, and try to laugh at yourselves!  

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