Collection: The Tiller Crafts

Hi, I'm Louise, the maker behind The Tiller Crafts.
I love gardening, nature and everything that comes from tilling the earth.
One of my favorite plants to grow is the Chinese Lantern (Physalis). I enjoy watching their growth stages from spring through fall, with their delightful autumn display of orange lanterns, to the beauty of the harvested and dried plants. I've often been asked to sell some of my harvest and I thought that Square Lemon would be the perfect platform to do just that!
Some of my favorite trees are Evergreens (Conifers). These magnificent trees are some of the oldest forms of plant life and their fruit, the Pinecone, has represented inner peace, resurrection, eternal life and regeneration throughout history. I enjoy creating artwork using a variety of these fruits although, I find the longleaf pinecone to be the most adaptive to my creative needs.
I've added a few other unique items to my collection that I hope will be enjoyed as well!