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Square Lemon

Gatherer's Apron

Gatherer's Apron

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This fabulous pillowcase landed in Square Lemon a couple of months ago. No one needed that particular size of case, but it was crying out to be made into a useful, sturdy and pretty apron!

The apron has lace edging, and lace detailing on the front. The apron is white, and the detailing is a vintage cream. 

The ribbon tie runs under the front flap and is long enough to tie into a pretty bow.

Importantly, under the flap, there are 3 deep pockets, suitable for popping produce into as you gather in the garden. Or for holding your important items while you are at a market. Or just to keep your hands in!

This apron is 20.5" (52cm) wide, and 11"  (28cm) long. The ribbon is 77" (196cm) long. It washes really well and can be tumble dried on low.

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