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Ollie Milling

Larva Inspired Art Doll

Larva Inspired Art Doll

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These larvae are mystical and magical. They can range in a variety of Aesthetics from kawaii, cottage-core to grunge-like this one! 

This Larva is named Sage she fits great in purses and loves to come along for adventures. She is a zombie-type larva! Sage loves to climb trees and sleep in hammocks but beware! Once you fall asleep she may try to nibble on your brain.

If you purchase this product you will get Sage the larva inspired art doll

If you are thinking about a custom order, you are in luck. If you are reading this Ollie's customs are open. You can email Ollie at to get started. Once you've let Ollie know that you are interested he will then ask you a list of questions to get an idea on what you are interested in. This will be your chance to create larva inspired art doll. Ollie can work with the design of your home or match with an outfit. It all depends on what you are going for. Mood boards are great inspiration to decide what theme you would like.

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