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Square Lemon

Scandi-Inspired Tassel Christmas Tree

Scandi-Inspired Tassel Christmas Tree

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I love upcycling. And knitting. And Christmas!

Going through my stash recently, I found so many small balls of pretty yarn. Not enough to make into mittens or socks, but enough to make me cry if I throw it away.

Then I remembered getting a Scandi-themed Christmas tree as a gift from my craft group in the UK, and a lightbulb literally went off!

So, lots of pretty yarn was made into small tassels.

Then a cute frame was pulled out of my frame stash, and a cotton backing, printed with Noel, was added. I scouted the woodshed and found some twigs we cleared from our trees. I cut one down, glued it in place as the trunk, and then added the tassels.

With the board version, I had a couple of boards in my board stash (yes, I know), and I laser-cut the word Noel, painted it a lovely blue, and dry-brushed white acrylic at the top of the letters. These got stuck onto the board above the tree.

Lastly, I used air-drying clay and a 3D printed star cutter my son whipped up for me, and cut some cute clay stars. One of these got popped onto the top of the tassel tree!

Available in a frame or on a wooden board, these Scandi-inspired trees are full of upcycled goodness and cheer!

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